• Dan Medley

The Streets of Boston: Underground

Back in 2018, I spent a few days walking the streets of Boston after a wedding I attended. I think by the end of the 5 days I spent in Boston, I estimated that I walked a total of 25+ miles through the streets with little to no guidance or idea of where I would end up. My backpack was full of lenses and bread (I can't count how many peanut-butter sandwiches I ate during this time). While I did walk that much, I couldn't have done it without the glorious subway system.

These images are just a small selection of my favorites. And yes, technically these are not 'The Streets of Boston', I'm going to add it to the series! Sue me...


PS: I also hate watermarks and think they're dumb now...

This was almost the end of the Red Line way out where my AirBNB was. I was almost always alone in here being that it's so far out of downtown Boston. It helps when you're up very early and you stay out very late at night.

This shot was also super late at night somewhere under the ground of Boston. It was eerily quiet and no one was around. I missed the 2nd to last train and had to wait patiently for far too long to catch the last train home.

I for sure could have spend hours in the Subway system underneath Boston. There was a surprising amount of color and beauty that I suspect millions of people don't even take a second to look at. It helps that I was down there at off times when lots of people were already home for the evening.

I'm also not one to utilize black and while in my photography that much, the underground really works well in black and white.

I'm breaking my rules again. This is not underground, or the street... Kooky, eh? This is the subway a story above the ground. I tried to capture a candid moment and I must have failed terribly. Luckily the train came fast and I went in the opposite direction of these people. Thanks strangers!

Here is another example of my not-so-candid, candid shots... The door immediately shut and I was gone!


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