• Dan Medley

The Streets of Boston: The People

Back in 2018, I spent a few days walking the streets of Boston after a wedding I attended. This was a great kick start into street photography for me. I think by the end of the 5 days I spent in Boston, I estimated that I walked a total of 25+ miles through the streets with little to no guidance or idea of where I would end up. My backpack was full of lenses and bread (I can't count how many peanut-butter sandwiches I ate during this time). By spending so much time shooting strangers, it really upped my comfort level behind the camera and taught me that almost everyone is okay with having their portrait taken. While occasionally I would get an odd glance, most of the time it was quickly met with a smile and a nod. Rarely would they ask what I was photographing and if they did, I simply said the everyday life of people. They was usually more than enough to satisfy them.

These images are just a small selection of my favorites. When I got home and started editing down the thousands of shots I had taken, I fell in love with so many that I had to take a month off of looking at them to emotionally disconnect from some of the not-so-great ones.


PS: I also hate watermarks and think they're dumb now...


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