• Dan Medley

My Love of Multiple Photography Edits

Sometimes you take a photo you fall in love with so much, you can't figure out which way to edit it. You spend hours tweaking and resetting the edit over and over leading to no where. Maybe you put it in a 'maybe' folder and come back to it or you sadly forget it ever exists and it's gone forever.

This has happened to me a couple of times. Luckily, I didn't forget to return to the images. With this particular image, I found myself working in circles because I loved too many edits. After a few resets of my edits, it hit me. Why not edit it multiple times? Why have I never thought of this? Where do babies come from?

I was in Boston when I took this photo. I remember setting it up and falling in love with the building as it set out from everything else around it. When I got home from my trip and started to edit it, every color I threw at it, I loved. This led me to multiple edits.

...I've also stopped watermarking images since it's so easy to photoshop it out...

I even utilized the image for my solo music release - YELDEM - 'Alive Again'

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