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My Favorite Nashville Locations for Photography

Having lived in Nashville, TN for almost five years, I've found some great places to take pictures around the city. I figured, why not share these with some of my readers! While some of these places are probably demolished and have been turned into "tall and skinny" houses, most should still be around. Get out and take some pictures and discover your own favorite locations and be a pal and let me know where they are! ;)


Now we all know (at least the locals) that this isn't a secret location. It's wide open with amazing views of the downtown Nashville skyline, views of the Cumberland River, multiple view and angles, and it has plain sections and unique sections that give you many options of what and where to stage and take photographs.


Percy and Edwin Warner Parks span 3,200 acres of beautiful wooded hills, open meadows, and bubbling streams, and includes 16.75 miles of hiking trails. If you're looking to get a little ways out of town (maybe 15 min from downtown Nashville), These two parks are for you. There are so many beautiful locations to take pictures. I was on my way home one day and saw this huge storm passing through. I quickly decided to drive through the park and discovered this horse racing track and ran up the hill to the top. Seconds after running back to the truck, all hell broke loose and it rained sideways for the rest of the day.


The Cumberland River cuts it's way through Nashville in a winding and beautiful way. There are SO MANY awesome places to take photographs along the way. The city of Nashville has built miles of Greenways for everyone to enjoy. Even if you don't love taking photos, you will love seeing Nashville from these views. In this shot, I discovered this beautiful train bridge. I parked and trekked down the hill and out onto the bridge (no way a train would come with it turned like this...) and just sat for a while til some clouds passed and I was greeting with this warm lovely light. Go explore!


Broadway. Oh, Broadway. As a local, I have a love/HATE relationship with you... Where you lack in common decency, you make up for in some amazing street photography opportunities. Every day of the week, every hour of the day, you can capture some amazing images of some amazing people and beautiful architecture. And do not forget about the beautiful neon signs on all the honky tonks.


Look ma, a selfie! As someone who enjoys exploring once the Tennessee heat goes away and the sun disappears (blonde hair/blue eyes...), I have gravitated to some alley ways and side streets. While this photo was taken in Bankers Alley in downtown Nashville, Printers Alley is a block away. There are some amazing photographs of Printers Alley that you can find on almost everyone's Instagram. A rainy night in Printers Alley is one of my favorite places to end up after a night out.

Part two soon!

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