• Dan Medley

Mutually Alone - Part 3

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, I went around to all of my friends in Nashville before we went into a stay-at-home order. I figured it would be the last time I would get to see them in person for a while and wanted to capture it. This is part 3 of my blog series about the images. If you want to read the earlier post, click here. These are just a small selection of the images I captured!

I met Manessa years ago when she hired me as a handyman to repair some issues in her apartment. We got to talking and found out she was in need of a photographer for her new AirBNB unit. Since then I've repaired numerous things and even had a photoshoot of a ladies weekend based in Nashville! She runs an awesome makeup company that you should check out!

Scott and Maggie have been great friends of mine for years now. When Brittany (my partner) moved to Nashville, she found Maggie randomly and became her roommate. Since then, she's been a staple of a friend in our lives. It also helps that they have a super cute cat named Goose!

I am almost certain that I have been friends with Justin longer than any other person I know. We met way way back in middle school in the olden year of 2001. I first traded him an acoustic guitar for a modified original Xbox and we quickly became friends (we both still have them to this day). I often get to babysit that beautiful pup in the photo, Billy. He's a hoot and my dog is very much in love with him.


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