• Dan Medley

Mutually Alone - Part 1

We are all in a weird time currently. With the impact of Covid-19 and the life we are all living in currently, I felt I wanted to capture it with photos. When I started going around taking these images of my friends and fellow creators in Nashville, we were still in a 'safer-at-home' order. All of these images are people I have come to know and be able to call close friends in Nashville. I had been following the news for a month of so prior and assumed we would be at a 'stay-at-home' order sooner than later. This is what lead me to want to venture out and see my friends in person once more before I would 'get in trouble' if I was going out to do so once we were in the 'stay-at-home' phase.

While these porch portraits aren't a new thing, or even my idea, I really tried to create them in a more artistic way instead of a 'snapshot' type documenting image. I wanted to take this odd time and try and document it in a unique way.

My first shoot was with my musical mentor and his talented artistic wife. Joe Pisapia inspires many people and he has helped me tremendously over the last couple of years to grow as a musician and audio engineer. His wife, Jennie Okon, is an AMAZING artist and has helped my wife and I with our side buisiness (www.timbertintorches.com)

The next day, I went to photograph my two great friends. Ben Saunders and Rachel Ford (plus their two cute cats, Elinor and Jennie). Ben is a very talented film-maker which you should check out here - https://www.adeliciacompany.com/

Then came my good friend Derrick. We met years ago when we were at an escape room in Nashville as a surprise birthday present for my partner, Brittany. The game required us to work with strangers and we quickly became friends. I also get to babysit Jack (The dog) often. He lives in a second floor apartment and we got to hangout on the side walk and yell up to him, and Jack, on a beautiful afternoon.


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