• Dan Medley

Inspiration: Sean Tucker

With the endless supply of 'professionals' on YouTube to choose from, it can be hard to find someone that you click with and want to learn from. A lot of video creators are more worried about the clicks and the length of the video than they are of the actual content they put out. Even more seem to gain large followings for flashy reasons and don't have the knowledge to back up their 'teachings' and can supply misinformation. This leads me to Sean.

I found Sean a few years back when I was digging deep into street photography. His photos tend to be simple black and white images around London. The way he works with shadows is very beautiful in his work. I've enjoyed following him along over this period of time and getting tons of useful information while I'm enjoying his images.

The main thing that keeps me around is his YouTube channel. He differentiates himself from others by going down the more philosophical route of photography and focuses way less on gear and tips that others focus on. He has helped me and a ton of other photographers progress and think about the art of photography in a different way.

It also helps that he is very active on Instagram and posts beautiful photos often enough, but not too much! Sean also utilizes the live feature and does little talks with other photographers that have tons of useful information.

Do yourself a favor and checkout his work. I just received his photo-book and have had a ton of inspiration from sitting back and enjoying it.

Here are a few of my favorite videos he's shared.

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