• Dan Medley

Inspiration: Lydia Luce

Over the last few years, I've been lucky to get to work with the immensity talented Lydia Luce. I met her a while back through Joe Pisapia and immediately we found a few ways I could help her with a live music series she host in East Nashville.

Lydia hosts an intimate series called Lockeland Sings/Lockeland Strings. It's a live music series featuring the every growing talent of Nashville in a small non-traditional setting. It started in her living room in East Nashville in Lockeland Springs. It's since moved into larger, yet still unique settings within Nashville.

During her recording process of a beautiful batch of songs she's working towards releasing, she asked me to join her Southern Ground Studios in Nashville to help capture the moment. It's a beautiful thing when so many talented musicians come together with a single goal in mind and they nail it so gracefully and I get to capture it. It's an honor.

The second part of the process was a smaller, cozier studio in East Nashville where they captured the strings for the record.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to her work. Not only has she been an amazing friend to me, she's helped me out numerous times by connecting me with others I would have never had the chance to work with.

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