• Dan Medley

Inspiration: Joe Pisapia

Over the years I've been very lucky to be able to meet and work with some amazing people. Once in a while, these people stick around in my life and I'm lucky enough to be able to call them friends. Joe Pisapia is one of those.

I became a fan of Joe back in 2004 when he was in the band Guster. I used to listen to their albums non stop and I went to a countless amount of their shows over the years. Throughout this time, I learned about Joe's solo work and immediately became a bigger fan.

When I relocated to Nashville, from Richmond, VA, back in 2016, I was uncertain of what I wanted to do with my life. I was still in a touring band and started to get more into the world of audio engineering. This led me to Joe.

One month a year, Joe has a residency at a local venue called 'The 5 Spot' (which happened to be the first venue I played at in Nashville before moving here) where he plays once a week for a month. After learning about this and the fact he owns an runs a studio, I went to his show and sparked up a chat.

We started talking music and my desire to learn more about the process of recording. I quickly learned he was without an intern at this time and I found my opening! Over the course of the next few months (mostly while I was on the road touring), I emailed him a few times convincing him I was his man for the job!

Upon arriving home from tour, I went over and sat in while he was recording a new Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors record. I fell in love with the environment and wanted more. Since then, I've helped him countless times with anything and everything. He has taught me more about audio and life than anyone else I know.

I'm grateful I can call him up whenever I have a question or I want to get his ears on a mix of a song I'm working on.

These images a just a glimpse into his creative world. Do yourself a favor and dig in. You'll enjoy it, I promise.

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