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Inspiration: James Popsys

With the endless supply of 'professionals' on YouTube to choose from, it can be hard to find someone that you click with and want to learn from. A lot of video creators are more worried about the clicks and the length of the video than they are of the actual content they put out. Even more seem to gain large followings for flashy reasons and don't have the knowledge to back up their 'teachings' and can supply misinformation. This leads me to James.

I found James Popsys a few years ago while going down the YouTube rabbit-hole and I was immediately in. He is informative and helps get to the point quicker than most I have seen. His knowledge isn't the most technical and he tends to help you understand things in a simpler 'explain like I'm 5' type of style. He never makes you feel stupid or tells you your thoughts or ideas are wrong. Photography is subjective and he knows it.

The main thing that keeps me around is the dry sense of humor. A lot of YouTube creators are all business and no fun. There is a time and place for that, but his channel seems more like you're hanging out with a friend that is teaching you their ways in a silly, yet informative setting.

It also helps that his images are gorgeous. He doesn't classify himself as a landscape photographer, but does gravitate towards landscapes. I enjoy photographers that don't pinpoint a single thing and only photograph that said thing. He tries new ideas and techniques and nails it. Granted, I don't know how many photographs he doesn't share, but we all should over shoot when on location.

Do yourself a favor and checkout his work. I just ordered his photo-book and can't wait to sit back and enjoy it.

Here are a few of my favorite videos he's shared.

Everyone thinks you have to spend more money to get better photos. Sometimes more expensive gear is better. Sometimes it doesn't make a lick of a difference and the content is king. One of the best things you can do to cheaply improve is look back, figure out what to take forward for your future work.

In this video (which is more in his blog style), he discusses the thoughts around imperfection. A lot of creators strive for perfection and leave a lot left on the table. While it's not a bad thing to push yourself, sometime the imperfect are worth more than you think...

This video talks about the idea of utilizing one focal length when you're out taking photographs. I've lost multiple shots when I went to swap lenses and by the time I was ready, the composition I wanted had passed. Give it a shot, it'll force you to move more and try different techniques.

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