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Gear, Oh GEAR. - This thing HOLDS THINGS!

If there is one thing about photography that we all can relate to: There is an endless supply of bits and boops for use to buy. Some things we need. Some other things we "need". Some other things that are out of our budget. Some things that we will buy because they are cheap and we may have had one too many whiskeys before shopping online...

Here is a just the beginning of the "necessities" I own...

A bag. Wow, who would have thought. There are SO MANY BAGS to choose from. Expensive bags, cheap bags, grocery bags... Which bag should I get? I don't know. I got tired of looking and I picked one. It's lasted me multiple trips around the US and has taken a hell of a beating while never giving up. I've spent days walking around cities with it stuffed full of gear, extra clothes, and a few snacks and never once felt uncomfortable. If it breaks, which I haven't seen any signs of, I'll most likely buy another.

It easily holds my 5D and three lenses in the main compartment, all my cards and batteries in the front pocket, my tripod in the side pocket with the strap to hold it, and extra bits and boops in the top. It also has a built in rain cover in the top if you get caught in the rain (like I do when I forget to check the weather...)


My quick "jaunt-around-town-and-don't-look-like-a-photographer" bag is my trusty messenger bag. It's compact, comfortable, and super durable.

I bought the blue one. I like the blue. But there are numerous colors! It doesn't feel like a photography bag (in a good way). You can remove the divider inside and BOOM, regular bag! Being canvas and leather, it takes a beating. I'd buy it again tomorrow.

Next up: other things...

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