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Gear, Oh Gear. - My cameras

Everyone loves to talk gear and new shiny things. Many of my discussions about gear start and revolve around the question, "What is in your camera bag?". Well young Padawan! Now you can learn all my "secrets" about what gear I use to take my photographs!

My main camera body (I own two since things DO break and nothing is worse than being on a gig and having one shot to 'get the shot' and your camera dies) is the super crowd pleaser, the Canon 5D Mark III. It's a very versatile full-frame camera from Canon and it has NEVER let me down (no matter how many times my clumsy ass drops it). If you are looking to take the jump from a cropped sensor into the full-frame camera world, do yourself a mega favor and pick up a Canon 5D III used or a IV if you're feeling fancy. I plan to once I sell my left foot... It will be a long time before I need to upgrade. When I do, it'll be because I (and most of us) have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) or I fall into a pit of money.

One of my favorite shots with the 5D

Onto my trusty backup, which used to be my main workhorse. The Canon 6D Mark I. If you are looking to step up into full-frame cameras, you probably won't find more bang for your buck. This camera has done me no wrong and landed me tons of gigs and helped really step up my game leading into the full-frame world. It currently resides in my living room where Brittany can take as may dog pictures as her heart desires. When I was upgrading to the 5D, I was a click away from buying the Mark II version of this camera because I loved it so so much. But due to the 5D having a dual card slot, I went with the 5D.

The 6D did, and still does deliver some amazing images...

If you aren't ready to step into the full frame field, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a cropped sensor. When I started out shooting street photography, my Canon SL2 was perfect for it. The cropped sensor helped get closer to my subjects due to the reduced range the sensor has. I grabbed so many amazing shots with this camera during the time I used it as my main body. It's super compact (when compared to full frame cameras like the 5D/6D) and very easy to travel with and hold for extended periods of time. I still occasionally take it with me when I'm not shooting professionally.

For an inexpensive cropped-sensor, the SL2 landed me some great shots...

Next up - LENSES!


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