I'm Dan, a simple man. I love to create and I love to please people. Being a freelance photographer in NYC, I get to connect with individuals I may never have met. We get to quickly form a lasting relationship and I get to flex my creative muscles and help you capture the best you (or the best thing) that we can.

When I don't have a camera in my hand, I probably have a computer mouse in my hand with two dogs at my feet. I love editing photos, but I also spend time creating and editing music in my studio which doubles as a recording and photography studio. Between edits, I'm probably laying on the floor scratching both dogs bellies.​

Prices vary based on multiple variables including location, time, and type of shoot. (Headshot, Portraits, Real Estate, +more)

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"My wife and I had our 15th wedding anniversary in Nashville, and got the worlds best photographer to do our photo shoot. Not only did he pick the location, he also did everything shy of hanging off the bridge just to get the shot. He really made our pictures memorable. Great work, would definitely recommend for any photography work needed."

-Gregory C.

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